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Monday, February 29, 2016

So gODD Made a Cat (with apologies to anybody who wrote something similar)

So gODD made a cat
someone who would shit
in your shoe right next to
their expensive self-cleaning
poo box
So gODD made a cat
someone who would scratch
every piece of furniture
in the house
furniture that it pees on
furniture on which you
suddenly notice the odd smell
of cat urine your friends
won't tell you about.
So gODD made a cat
which purrs to wake you
on your day off
or puts his tongue on your lips
just after it licked it's ass
So gODD made a cat
to cry for food right after
it finished a can of three dollar
cat food with the face of that actor
you know the one your favorite
So gODD made a cat
who fights in the neighborhood
or moans to be fucked
the costs of which are
beyond your billfold
digging into your credit cards
So gODD made a cat
to be funny for 10 seconds
in a video on Youtube
that was passed around
on Reddit and Facebook
with no reference to your edit
of 1300 hours of cat video
So gODD made a cat
that belongs to your neighbor
who prefers your company
when you are deathly allergic
to cat hair and smell and anything
So gODD made a cat
giving you an excuse
for animal mutilation
no matter the charges
no matter the sentence
So gODD made a cat
that finally gave you a reason
to buy a dog

Barry G. Wick

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