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Monday, March 28, 2016

Dearest Allen: “...successful failure(s).”

We met at your Boulder retrospective
of avant garde films
by your friend Harry Everett Smith
Our brief conversation
about G. S. Sharat Chandra
who said he'd met you in Iowa City

I'm in that neighborhood now
writing writing writing
nothing in particular
after a life of failures

It's odd that I should find
this written dedication
to the Learys just days
after the same thought
occurred to me

The list of failures keeps growing
in my unsuccessful life of failure

The failures melt
to leave small piles
of dirt not unlike snow
in parking lots
scoops it into a trashcan

If I were a spider
I'd fail to make gossamer
near a corner
unseen in darkened room

Barry G. Wick

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