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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Christ from a Mobile Home

“Road Song” by Wes Montgomery
cheers the darkened room
through speakers and headphones
worn when a video call
was necessary to chat with a friend
in Rapid City
which recalls a moment on the road
the dream from last night
Omaha Street that runs east and west
where the street is full of flood water
the air mattress being held tight
in a phantasmagorical flood
then to beach on another street
to walk back to a trailer home
that needs an examination
of an overheated electrical switch
everything so real
in full color
then to leave to go to the shop
to do the necessary woodwork
to select the right nails
just next door
shared with a woman who looks perplexed
at my attire
“For religious reasons?” she queries
Yes religious reasons
why else would someone wear
a loincloth but to float
in a disaster
only to return home
like so many ghosts
from the real flood
many years ago
their bodies stripped of all clothing
by rushing waters in the dark
with no jazz to accompany
the screams of terror

If it was only possible to be Christ
in a loincloth nailed on the cross
to guarantee life to all the lost friends
if it was only possible to be His Father
to stop the rain from piling up
in steep canyons
or to give a floaty to each person
so they can walk home
without becoming invisible
no vocalizations of pain
no tears from surviving relations

This is an odd dream
for someone who doesn't go
to church
Time was spent in the bars
after that real event
drinking wine
with my apostles
Others went to pray
It must be my turn

Barry G. Wick

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