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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So Many Choices

The crunch of cereal in the mouth
or the crunch of bones as a drone flies
dropping bombs on an accidental
group celebrating a wedding

Crispy  fried chicken
or what's left inside a tank
after an anti-tank guided missile
struck just an hour ago

Having a gray beard
when buying beer at the corner
or having an identification ready
when having to pee

Turning off the engine
of world oil consumption
or turning this planet
into a baked puppy

Eating a whole bag
of chocolate candy
or having a foot removed
from a diabetic infection

Voting for the compromised candidate
or voting for the loudmouth
who seeks attention

Marrying the person who's loved
or pretending to love someone
in order to be accepted

Accepting the facts of science
or believing the candidate
who says the voice of god
is his guidance

Barry G. Wick

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