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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Word

A significant improvement
over the grunt and pointing
the word
in many languages
and alphabets
takes us to or from
mental telepathy
if from
then our descent into confusion
is deserved
if to
there is hope
that all the wars and disagreements
will be relieved
by something better

Automatically as if by design
someone confronted by these words
may wish to voice their own
since as many of us know
that to control the conversation
to control the flow of words
increases our esteem
with our tribesmen
since few wish to vocalize
thus leading others
in various directions
either mentally of physically
Those from that other
jungle neighborhood
will wag their butts
and raise their loincloths
in an affront to the speaker
since their arrows
have another stripe or feather
and likely forgodssake
another gODD
created by their old men
around a fire
or in some forgetful book
that only they think is wonderful

So there you have the problem
old men and women
leading younger
into belief systems
through words
and battles
that destroy the young
since the old
are jealous of youth
and had to develop
a system that would
punish the younger
and their hubris
typically pleading peace
bliss and happiness

Youth waving their
intensely hard cocks
or tight breasts and butts
no wrinkles sagging
their souls into despair

Words created by the old
designed to kill off
just enough of the young
to make them old
so they too
can create systems
to destroy the young
they bring into the world

And that
as they say
is the last word
don't respond through thought
you will disappoint me
as I am old
trying to keep
the ages pure and hatefilled
so don't fight me
go find some younger person
to send to the waste pile
of history
so that their friends
will grow old
as they attempt to develop
they're own words
that no one will contend

and please
do as your mother
taught you
change your loincloth
something smells

Barry G. Wick

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