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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Uninhibited Life

To wake up every day
with no one's agenda
in mind
to follow one's own course
without hurting others
without hearing a no
in someone's voice
slipping through the neurons
like an electrocution
of limitation and destruction
to be a hummingbird
or a rhinoceros

By the time most of us
have reached our teenage years
so much of our creativity
is eclipsed
blackened by others
or systems designed
to plow under our new growth

Wake up! Wake up!
Design your minutes
with the colors
from your depths
Inspire yourself
to break through
the fences of flattery
the doors of deception
Be your owner
be your landlord
be your creator

Barry G. Wick


Castanea_d said...

I like this!
I see this happen to the children/teens that I work with in the church; I seek to help them "stay awake." And of course, I am myself old in the ways of "hearing a no in someone's voice" at work and elsewhere whenever a creative thought comes to mind.

All good wishes to you.

Barry Wick said...

Thank you. A good summer ahead for all.