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Friday, July 31, 2009

Towards a Better Finish

(((Rhyming poetry to me is contrived and often uneasy, but in memory of my great-grandmother and founder of South Dakota's Pasque Petals poetry magazine, Gertrude Gunderson, a well-known poet in her day, I write an occasional rhyming poem...if only to send my love to her.)))

Towards a Better Finish

I sand this wood and to my credit
sanding seems a lifetime edit.
It removes my goofs so sudden thoughtless
and makes the world seem clearly spotless.
Working wood to clean my mind,
day by day it helps me find
a peaceful time when past is gone
and memory of some flagrant spawn
of ill-timed speech or action dared
gave others hurt I should have spared.
But sand my soul in such a fashion
ol' memory stirs some molten passion.
So now when wood gives smooth it's surface
from rougher times and ill-gained purpose,
I hope that someday I may find
a gleaming finish deserved in kind.

copyright (c) 2008 by Barry G. Wick

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