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Sunday, July 9, 2023

We the People

We the People

We the People are shadows
In dark corridors filled
With empty promises
They are paid to be dull
Unmoved by strong light
Or stunned in the headlights
Like herds of deer praying

Made in America are false words
As corporate welfare fills the boxes
Upon the porches for green thieves
Never mind the cameras
Never mind who sent it
Never mind who made it
Never mind who wants it
Never mind the hidden contents
Never mind the politics

America the Beautiful
Is full of garbage hidden
At the bottom of lakes
And rivers full of chemicals
Spun through piles of carbon
To give the impression of clean
Tin cans and plastic ends underground
The unseen corpses 
of supermarket shelves and warehouses
All of this is a reverse famine
Building the bloat of the blind

Pursuit of Crappiness
Don't read the words
Hear them from the elected fools
Who have made you in their image
They have no sense
They are founders of stupidity
Creators of the triangle wheel
They and them and theirs
Belonging to no one else

Semper fly
The genius of nothing
The knower of less
Empty thrills repeated
Every mountain can't be climbed
Every stream a wall
Every wall a target
All must stand at it
Look them in the eyes
Dream there is something
In that empty head
Just a thought is the trigger

Barry G. Wick