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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Revolt of the Dandelions

The Revolt of the Dandelions

Spring began on time this year
the winds of April
the rains of May
not too much of either
Deep in the soil
a root begin its wake
a little parachute broke open
to send the shoot aloft
Soon jagged green leaves
with a stem like a small pipe
floating high above the ground
the popcorn of flowers
opens boldly 
buttered by the sun 
A bee who acts
in the movie of new life
sits atop the waves of yellow
to enjoy its early flavor
as the script unfolds
and evil dares this thriller
saturate the observer's fear 

Then from beneath the porch
in his gray uniform
sporting the slicing teeth
of floral doom
a munching tank called rabbit
rolls across the verdant carpet
to rip at this undulation
this wave of solar freedom
Down its maw the victim
descends in rended beauty

Oh this first of spring
screams its final message

Just as this moment proceeds
while teeth finish a first meal
from every hole in the ground
from every seed and stem
an explosion so violent
is seen and felt by this vicious
this steel-eyed Lagomorpha 
Oh yes this awful Leporidae
as every dandelion surrounds it
in sudden opposition
to protest this herbivore
that upsets the order
of this green universe

One sign
then the next
a protest of thousands
marching from the earth
to the warmth above
surrounds this viciousness
that now runs back to its hole
having taken their message to heart:
Eat Grass not Flowers
Leave this lawn
you you
Oryctolagus cuniculus

Frightened by their language
and apparent intelligence
it changes its mind in sleep
dreaming of my garden
as a shudder fills my body
only fences and foxes can allay

Barry G. Wick