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Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Well

We sang a song at summer camp
About a boy who falls into a well.
I am still falling
Into the well of memory.
Upon its sides are shards
Of glass that cut me as I fall.
The well has no bottom
That would stop the pain
Of everything I remember.
I awaken from my dreams
Only to find I'm still falling.
This is my punishment
For all the hours 
Of useless life I've lived.
When I discovered
The memories I have
Of all these years,
I cringe as I pass
Another sharp piece
Slices the shreds of skin
On what is left of me.
This is my punishment.
I am where I belong.
It is dark.
It is painful.
I am shamed.
Others may fall in front
And behind me.
Of them, I am unaware.
I have been unaware of others
All my life as I ran over
So many.
Be assured I suffer
Every mistake
Now that I am alone
As I fall through the memory
In a dark and dangerous well.

Barry G. Wick