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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Another Wasted Image

 Another Wasted Image

I would not complain

If I could find

The happiness

I see in the photos

Of other people

Or reveal the faces

Behind the voices

In a book I could

Not finish

Too many voices

Spoil this soup

Just as too many

Faces make me feel

I've missed something

I can never find

So I tell myself

To keep reading

As the obcession

Pulls me into a smile

On a body

I'll never have

Barry G. Wick

Friday, August 28, 2020



This is me

Outside alone

Sitting on the knoll

Looking west

At the city below me

Through grass

And pine trees

I am like I will become

Separate and different

The sun in my face

Thinking of nothing

Being nothing

Being with no one

Because I was raised

By a lonely woman

Who shopped every day

For herself

Because shoes and clothes

Filled the hole inside of her

Once a year she'd shop for me

Or give me stupid clothes

At Christmas I'd wear once

Like her closets full of dresses

And shoes

She'd cook dinner while

I practiced piano

Yelling at me to play

It again

Or angry at me

Enough to slap

Or trot out for her image

So I created different worlds

Than the one I was in

With puppets or dreams

Because no friends lived

Next door

Our house was alone

Where my parents were alone

Where I was alone

At the end of our road

On the side of a hill

Behind lonely pines


Barry G. Wick

Saturday, August 22, 2020



Unlimited does not mean


In any other language

like American English

Unlimited would mean

there is no limit

please note the small letters

Unlimited means a limit

not unlimited

In the world of smartphones

unlimited means

they will cut your service

at a limit they believe

to be enough for you

you piece of shit customer

Spend your money for no limit

you will get a limit

your money ends

when they say it ends

There isn't even an option

for no limit or as the word



And so I believe I have

reached my limit

and will write nothing more

My patience has a limit

My words have a limit

and so I am cutting my reader

off right...

but, my name is free

Barry G. Wick

Monday, August 3, 2020

Bat Shit

Bat Shit

I'm certain this isn't some crazy notion

of why the world has used this phrase

to denote one kind of sanity

Let us review







Off the rocker

Lost the marbles

One sandwich short of a picnic

Lights are on and nobody's home

Shit for brains

Crazy as a soup sandwich

Crazy as a dog in a cat factory

and a few thousand other references

to personal oddities and limitations

plus all the psychiatric diagnoses

But to be truthful

we are living in a world now

that truly came from bat shit

I've been in my home many months

I fear going out because

a virus has attacked our nation

and our leader has a voided skull

Between anti-maskers who think

liberty gives them license

to infect everybody

and the anti-vaxers waiting

in the sidelines for a vaccine

they will tell everybody not to use

I only want to survive without illness

or death


this is all bat shit crazy

Barry G. Wick