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Thursday, December 31, 2015

News Yearth 2016

News Yearth 2016

So a news yearth comes agained,
making this an age old trend,
and so my elbow doth be bend,
to toast with milk, you, dear friend.

Barry G. Wick

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Some memories
take so long to fade
They are made of people
who have passed through
my life
or gave it to me

I want them all with me
around some live tree
covered in lights
still attached
to its roots
much as I am
to the people
who were mine

Please help me celebrate

Your darkness must
become the light
my life once had
after many years
filled with grief

too many lost
to age or sickness

Oh glorious light
push away the darkness
make a wall
that gradually expands
enough for breath
to reach my lungs
while they draw
their life into me

I am ready to smile
despite every ache
and darkest memory
which colors its black
beyond the lines
I was told to stay within

Come my friends
come to me again
if only
in a dream's reflection
your smiles
mirrored on Christmas
that sees everything now
with a library of strands
that hang into this future
when I can see
the wisdom of tinsel

Barry G. Wick

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beethoven Between Dreams

It is after
the first few hours of sleep
the night begins to glow
in the steps through mental snow
following the blizzard of years
as we wander through the keep

The Moonlight, Sir,
invades the process of thought
and what days created it
the process of selecting
between black and white
between major and minor
runs up the scale at night
when dreams that are bought
repeat themes knocking at the door

Sinking into remembrance
fingers fly hesitantly
across the keyboard
finding a letter here
and the joy of chance
in new melody near
when dark around us
peers over the shoulder
at the small sparks
that light the fingers
in their joyful dance

Always drifts begin to close
upon the gates then open
where feet through memory
run when no fence will hold
and the need to doze
intrudes it twists and trills
to lean back into the drama
of a neat little glimmer
where fates await
their dream eludes

Barry G. Wick

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Wind

The wind pushed trees
in a bully's attempt
to game the playground
just the other day

They stumbled a bit
as if there
was another wind
on the ground
just behind their knees

Each tree had seen
this trick before
as trees are often
older than they say

Each year is much the same
to us on the same playground
though our roots
are rarely as sturdy
as we'd like them to be

Sometimes we fall over
not from any wind
that raises itself before us
but from falling years

Each year crashes into us
as if propelled by
an accidental push
from an unseen hand
to which was cocked a shaking fist

Hopeless standing our ground
we wish we could
fly through leafless trees
in an imagination of wind

Those leafless trees
are often the later years
in which our health
forces a rooting
to an unfamiliar place

And so we let the wind of years
though our leafless branches
accepting the constant
push from the bully of time

Barry G. Wick

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tennis Balls

In a very large room
are tennis balls
that represent
the molecules
in my hand

Thank you Alan Watts
for that image
but sir
I am enlightened
where I am


I see the tennis balls
as all the smiles
needed to accept it
All the molecules
in my body too

All I have to do is smile
with every molecule
in me
So I smile all the time
to thank everyone
for their help and themselves
with my smile
and the words behind it

all the molecules
all the smiles
all the words

When I jump
from tennis ball
to tennis ball
I'm not certain I smile
because there is so
much time in my hand
then no time at all
like the present
So I give myself the present
to jump with a smile

Barry G. Wick

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Old Comet-Asteroid Decision

No more destroying cities
no more floods'
just no more
the creator doesn't seem
to understand
what starts on this planet
and gets to the creator's ear
is cacophony

Some want this
some want that
everyone who prays
can't seem to get together
with the others who pray
4000 plus religions
on one planet
the creator's head shakes
back and forth
as the hands shake
Is it a wave good-bye

And so the creator walks across
the universe
It's sad
So creative a talent
now unable to make a decision

time for the old comet-asteroid trick
the destruction can be blamed
on something without mind
it's on the way
it's been on the way
since the beginning of time
just like the other ones

we just have to wait

Barry G. Wick