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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Now that you've been lulled to sleep by piles of puppies and the antics of cats, please remember that people are being murdered on the streets and in jails by your employees who are supposed to serve and protect; that you've been poisoned by corporations for profit, irradiated since childhood by government nuclear tests mostly under the direction of corporations for profit; that you've been forced to pay for wars over the control of oil for super market bags and gas for your automobile; that soldiers aren't defending the Constitution when they're killing at the behest of corporations in another country for the control of precursors for plastic bottles; that you've been lied to by politicians over and over who blame and shame some other group of people in order to get your vote so they can take graft and feel powerful; that somewhere children and adults need food that is being thrown into dumpsters at your local supermarket; that people who speak up about these problems are vilified and demonized by large media corporations; that somewhere, someone is making news that doesn't rate the attention of the News At Six news teams; that you are blind to the words of poets and soothsayers who speak truth to power; that you are lulled to sleep by piles of puppies and the antic of cats so you'll forget everything you've read here...and much more that needs your attention.
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