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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Reflections on Father's Day

sometimes we know
as men
as fathers
that we could have
been better at our jobs

the longer we live
the more we are
confronted by memory
filled with images
of a distant
and unchanging past

there are never regrets
to entertain our failures
minutes upon hours
hours upon days
days upon months
months upon years
a tower of imagined
what ifs

Beyond those heights
of hardened time
thick glass mirrors
clouded with
dried tear drops
wiped away to reveal
wrinkled faces
we believe
this is how life
has always progressed
from generation to generation
that there never is a perfect
man to child relationship
only the steady ballast
of sinking ships
remembered as they floated
upright and balanced
on windy oceans

Barry G. Wick

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