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Saturday, June 30, 2018

This and That


Slippery vision slippery thought
It is what it is and sometimes not


Sometimes the squirrel
barks at the dog
Sometimes the snake
is et by the frog


We stand by a tree to sing a song
and all the while the tree's asleep
It hates all singing, it thinks it's wrong
the prettiest melody makes it weep


Given time to observe
everything's a learning curve
A rope is tied deep in our mind
Untie the knot and you might find


Sit and watch do not expound
keep your feet upon the ground
Let no word take glorious flight
until it's certain that it's right


The thing we buy the thing we try
is likely something to make us cry


The look of love is oft desired
but then it gets unruly mired


Beware what's writ on glowing screens
and what's said in Ways and Means
Politicians want your vote
not what's writ in a four page note


We beg the stars to keep their shape
to stay the same for children's sake
What stories will the sky tell then
in twenty thousand years or when


We dance around this planet
as if the universe we own
until we realize it's size
we're just a seed that's sown


Surrounded by convention
we think it is quite normal
even if our clothes are ripped
it's truly all quite formal
Someone wears a loincloth
someone underwear
It's all really just the same
that we refuse to bare
In the jungles deep and dark
people wear no clothes at all
You envy them their bodies svelte
and gym yourself a bill that's tall
So to the jungle with you now
and shoot down monkeys from the trees
No clothes at all is you at birth
Swim in the river and dry in a breeze


You there in your suit quite tidy
thinking you're all high and mighty
Without electric this and that
the dirt accumulates
And everything you wear
will soon entomb your fate
A spot upon your tie so fine
will grow so green with mold
and everything you own
will look so shabby and quite old
Don't criticize those upon the street
whose bath was weeks ago
They're human and complete
and know something you don't know
Civilization isn't planned
it's a train wreck pure and simple
Tomorrow's world infection
begins with just a pimple

Barry G. Wick
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