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Thursday, January 19, 2012


On my route home

along the highway

are guardrails

three wire strands

between zink-coated metal posts

punched into the ground

that will hold back

errant drivers and their cars

from the ditches

on either side

The memory of you

punches through the invisible

barriers I put on my road

where once I drove into your ditch

and was hooked in the brambles

you created for me day after day

This is not fair

I made a recovery from the accident

that was us

I sent out the crew

to make those repairs

truckloads of beefy guys

with hammers and wrenches

in their hardhats and toolbelts

I even inspected their work

in photo after photo

touch after touch

thrust after thrust

I've just sent a wrecker

to pull my thoughts

away from you

and I expect to be on my way

after I make the payment

old memories force me to make

the fresh pain of poor driving

along this rocky backroad

Copyright © 2012 by Barry G. Wick