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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Andy Warhol Advises ISIS

Oh, you're doing it all wrong
you only need one beheading
you take the picture
and repeat it over and over

Take the neck wound
use it to print
by dipping it in different colored paints
then onto the canvas
One canvas will be pastels
another canvas rainbow colors
another black and white

photograph the apostate
only once
his accepting face
his grimacing face
his dead face
his dripping wounds
his headless body
repeat these images over and over

By killing so many
you remove potential buyers
of this art from the market
and upset potential supporters
they will be grateful
so grateful they'll buy
the images you have to sell
you'll make lots of money
enough to buy
tanks and planes
so you can march into Rome
and plant your flag on the obelisk
in Vatican Square
on the Washington Monument
and the White House

Art galleries
will see you have talent
it may take a few years
just look what I did
with 32 soup cans
just one victim is necessary
to make millions for your caliphate
That's another idea
just take the word caliphate
and repeat it over and over and over
on a canvas
before you print that word
paint a color in the space
of that word then print
the word
print the word
using different colors
for each letter
It'll catch on
It'll be art

Instead of killing
cartoonists who make fun
of Mohamed
Use art to make fun of cartoonists
Show them having sex
with sheep and donkeys
Say, that would make a great
black and white movie
I have lots of friends
who will help you make
this film
We'll show it in Central Park
People will pay admission
on Pay-per-view
across the world

You can make cartoons of singing and dancing
lifeless heads
You'll make so much money
that you can build a mosque of gold
as the central image
of Caliphateland
Kiddies will ride little rolling carts
made to look like pigs
with the heads of bad world leaders
who are your enemies
Get someone to write
It's a Muslim World after all
the song will be infectious
repeat it over and over and over
and over and over and over
After dusk, jets will drop fireworks
above the crowds eating chickpea hotdogs
The children lick candy suckers
in the shape of the lifeless heads

Barry G. Wick

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