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Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Lessons

We have no choice
but to learn to be human
from other humans
If you've helped create children
let them be human
support their choices
and their discoveries

Dogs know how to love
Learn love from dogs

Cats understand independence
Learn independence from cats

Fish live much better
in clean water
Keep water clean for humans
and fish
Fish aren't happy in tanks
Don't make tanks for humans
or fish
any kind of tanks

Birds that soar
see the world from different heights
Climb mountains
Get high enough to see your world
It is hard to see birds in dirty air
Be sure to keep air clean for yourself
and birds

Waste little
Ever know a bird or a fish
to have piles of garbage
where no humans would live

Raccoons are picky eaters
There are few very fat raccoons

Let animals live where they belong
close zoos and places where animals
don't belong caged

The sun warms the earth
The wind moves large amounts of air
Water flows downhill
This is the energy to use for humanity
Plants and grass belong on roofs
Live underground under the grass
to save energy
live there first then be dead there

Healthy belief enriches and accepts life
Unhealthy belief causes wars and kills life

Gossip is a rope
that runs to
then ties up people
Cut the rope

Elect leaders not stallers

Allow criminals to be punished
not tortured
Treat them with kindness
while they are away from others
with whom they cannot play

Please and thank you
are magic words
keep them up your sleeve
to always appear
when in front of your audience

Everyone can make music
tap your feet loudly
whack a pot with a spoon
though quietly appreciate others
as they make their music
then cheer ecstatically
when they've finished

We can't live forever
that's why forever
can live with us now

Anything can be art
You won't like all art
You can thrill to some

Your prayer belongs
between you
and the intended deity
no matter how deaf it seems
Keep it to yourself

If you make a mistake
its your most valuable possession
because it will teach you
to never do it again

Let others judge you
They can sometimes be right
but keep your judgments of others
to yourself

Look often at stars
you will see your next life
and your children's children
somewhere above you

Barry G. Wick

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