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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Compassionate Attack

I hate to move
because pain electrifies
my knees and back
so I sit
at the kitchen sink
eating a pot pie
hot from the oven
to my left
being grateful for a family
that pays taxes
which provides
me a beg-free way
to beg semi-anonymously
from the government
the largest family
that does not
know me from my past
things I need
food heat care
only to realize
the government now
hates me
and wants me to die
as quickly as possible
without food
without heat
without care
a government
that would rather bomb
someone in another country
then rebuild
caring for everyone left
I've decided I want
the government
to bomb my neighborhood
in the hope I'll survive
in order to get all
the promises
of a better life

Barry G. Wick

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