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Monday, December 23, 2013

Seven Rules from Thick Air

If you have to protect yourself
then you have created the enemy

If you have to love yourself
then you turned away all who could love you

If you have to feed yourself
then you have taken food from others

If you have to go somewhere
then you have never invited enough people to visit you

If you feel surrounded by uneducated people
then you have never told them what you know

If you have no one to touch
it is because you have refused to be touched

If you cry when you are lonely
it is because you never dried the tears of lonely others

Copyright © 2013 by Barry G. Wick all rights reserved

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Castanea_d said...

I like this!
You met me last week at the election; I was one of the pollworkers at the UI hygenics lab and you told us that you are a poet. You certainly are! I have read the last dozen or so poems that you have posted, and hope to look further back for some more. I've added myself to your "followers" so I will see your new postings.

A couple of other poems that I especially liked were about teachers/friends: "As close as I am to you" and "We go".

I keep a blog; it is mostly about church music and Christianity and may be of minimal interest (for you are coming from a very different direction), but for what it is worth, it is at