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Monday, March 22, 2021

The Last Gasp of Similitude

The Last Gasp of Similitude


So much depended

Upon being like something

Copying an image

Doing a curtsey to an equal

Your children must fit

The mold

So out they came

Little automatons

In suits and sport coats

Dreaming of their statues

The same fires

From the same sparks

No one prepared

For vive la difference

Well aren't you confused

As you search the world

Of images for you

The tired clone

Subway bumping

Midst the brothers and sisters

Larking at beaches 

Comparing every body part

Every gesture of adjective

And compromise

What happens when

Expected visions

Gladiatorial spectators

Discern a change in the card

Oh my the confused

Strike their drums

Polish their cymbals

Tear apart their symbols

Anguish and gnash

Destroy and punish

Curse the variant

And so we separate

Into our villages

Seeking our dreams

Only to usher away

The seeker

You have seen similitude

In all it glorious patterns

Only to spit upon it

Clouding the waters

With your feces

Great angels

With gaping mouths

African river monsters

Floating above it all

Barry G. Wick

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