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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Banned in Texas

This poem
Will be banned
In Texas.
It was written
By a person
Who has read
A book,
Seen modern art,
Hoped for alternative energy,
Can spell in American,
Has drunk wine,
No longer owns guns,
Thinks there's hope
For Hispanics,
And worst of all...
Has had sex.
I'm certain I could
Offer up some other
Shocking life experiences
That someone in Texas
Could find offensive
Such as having ribald
Dreams on occasion.
Mice in my home 
May also have had sex.
My neighbors might be
I have electricity that's
Reliable in winter.
That alone will
Get this poem a
Triple X rating
In Dallas and Houston.
Far worse,
I write letters and poems
And have family in Texas
Who are literate
Just like me.
They might be
Thank you, Texas,.
For banning this poem.
You have boosted my career
To the emperean.
I expect to have,
At the very least,
Attracted one more reader
That doesn't pay me
For anything I've written.
I also put ketchup
On hotdogs.
Now I'm banned
In Chicago.

Barry G. Wick

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