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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Somewhere Godd Sits

Somewhere Godd Sits

Somewhere Godd sits
On a clump of galaxies
As if they were flowers
In a meadow
He looks across the valley
to see another hillside
Where the photons sparkle
He's crumpled this area
Far too long 
This glow of bright petals
Could dim under his weight

In the distance He hears
A flute sing
Perhaps this player
Will write more of these notes
Than Mozart did
Godd is hope
For great composers
On all living planets
He creates the creators 
Turning hand-like powers
This way and that
Even He fails perfection
Every so often
So He leaves some music
For his varied populations to discover
That's His generosity

His Wife looks at the chasm of stars
Knowing She allows His ego
To think it all belongs to Him
He'd be surprised at who plays
This flautic melody 
She returns to Her garden
A bit cross she has to fluff
These stars again
On His favorite pillow
Now she hums a simple tune
This time He doesn't hear
Her soft music
He's creating planets again

Barry G.Wick

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