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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Looking for a Signal

My father in his youth went
to the 1939 World's Fair
in New York City New York
Maybe he saw television
neatly demonstrated there

Due to the expense
I cannot order cable television
so watching moving video
is available to me at large
from the cable on the Internet

The Queen waves on British news
rocket launches and eagle babies
all sorts of crazy people
violent crashes and awful gore
with or without a rowdy cat or dog

What I want to watch is this
sponsored television with soap ads
because I've begun to feel
I'm being kept from it all
until I click a link for spam

Put your name right here dear sir
we'll follow you anywhere
We're certain you won't mind
if we send you email ads
five times a day forever

I shudder to think its real
my Internet profile is likely fat
International computers in Utah
have everything in ones and zeroes
except the wrinkles, chafes, and tears

I'd fight back but it's no use
The corporations have the right
to watch this old bearded man
in my morning bubble bath
fart to sink the floating ducks

Barry G. Wick

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