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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Midnight in Iowa: for our military men and women overseas

I'm thinking of him
halfway around the world
a new friend
who is where he is
in a job that is what it is

I'm headed for bed
and I don't know
when he works
or when he sleeps
not that it matters

Men like him are there
doing jobs we don't
we pretend we don't
remember them
on days that we do

Bonsoir good knight 
on rough paths
on ground not ours
who dreams of sleep
in peaceful Iowa

Barry G. Wick  (((It turns out the original person to whom this poem was dedicated is not a real person and an attempted scam was tried on was also a case of stolen valor and photos of a highly decorated Army soldier who wasn't real in so far as the person behind the pictures wasn't real.  He'd stolen the pictures and was pretending to be a decorated military man.  Ah, even in the age of the Internet, even the hard cases, like me, can be briefly taken in.  But I'm leaving the poem to stand for our military people overseas...who are in danger every day.  I honor them as they are as real as it gets.)))

May 2016

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