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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Silence Costs

Golden silence. Really?
If people want to live
off the grid
the land will cost some bucks.
Cabins with all the trimmings
don't come cheap.
If there's a far beach,
life there might be fun.
Fish better be a number one
treat every morning, noon, and night.
It'll cost a hunk
to travel there.
Neighbors might complain
if all that's worn is a
leaf umbrella.
When the neighbor
complains a jeep
that's noisy
needs a new muffler,
it's gonna cost to give him
silence as a driver heavy-foots it
passed his trailer.
Twenty minutes at the muffler shop
is an easy bill and a half
except for retirees.
The old one had a hole
for five years.
The new muffler
spoke in low tones
that was almost a whisper,
Silence costs gold, cheapskate.”

Barry G. Wick

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