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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Changing of the Dreams

With pride in each move
the dreams from the old world
march away from sleep

Each button shined until
it sparkles
with its invisible
mission to hold
the night together
While shoes are never seen
in these dreams
they are carefully prepared
mirrors of discovery

Each piece of leather gets
a coat of wax
still alive as if attached
to the steer from which it squirms

No animal is hurt in this dream
yet bits and pieces show
their contributions to this soldier
at attention whose efforts
make him a man
where no ceremony generally
exists to help men become men

Some feathers of flying birds
flap in unseen breezes
on top of ceremonial hats

Inflamed honors
for emboldened souls
change position for the crowd

Complete silence is demanded
with straight-back officer phantasms
pointing an index finger
crossing the lips
from the first joint
direct to the tip of his nose
with the head tilted
eyes widened
in a discouraging rage
to whispers from spectators

Dreams change infrequently
which draws an audience
that stands night after night
to wait for the somber moments
complete with militaristic music
composed by pacifists

Always led by the flag
the guard notices
it is not a flag
but a flapping hand
waving good-bye
to the old guard
the old dreams
heading off the platform
to become awake

Barry G. Wick

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