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Monday, September 7, 2020

The Binge Watch

 The Binge Watch

You think of

Your favorite video program

I do that

I'd change those hours

If I could watch

My babies sleep

Someone I could love

Walk through the door

A dark green forest

Of ponderosas

A garden full of new growth

The top of my desk

In my grade school

Small mud dams

Made in spring

With friends

The view from the top

Of the hill of my town

The angel Michael

As he steps 

From a rock-ringed lake

Those were my favorite

Moments on the binge

Some were thrown away

As easily as I clicked

Off the video unit

And now I see the fool

I was on a stride away

From those hours

When the binge burned

All those memories

On some fatty cells

Inside the skull

Full of less important

Hours that never mattered

Barry G. Wick

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