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Monday, May 10, 2021


The Rules of Limitation

It is the way it is

because I say so

You are my chattel

You are my servant

This is what you are

from the day you are born

I allow you nothing

but what my thoughts

my rules and limitations


Don't like it

Then tell me from the day

you are born

and I'll release you

to the world

It's that simple

I'll put you in the street

for someone to pick you up

Oh can't talk or complain yet

That's the way I like it

You cry to be fed

Stop it

I'll feed you when I feel like it

Dirty diaper

When I can't stand the smell

I'll change you

Don't like living with me

tough kid I own you

unless on your day of birth

you told me different


you can't be what you want

you can't talk back to me

you can't do anything

unless I grant you permission

don't talk

what you say is unimportant

I have been everything to you

and will be forever

tiptoe into my presence

with your head bowed

yes you have to practice piano

I buy clothes for me

so I look beautiful

so I feel good about myself

I will drag you everywhere

I get satisfaction

for my own well being

You will go to shoe stores

You will go to fabric stores

You will go to my seamstress

You will go and be respectful

Keep your head bowed

and shut up

I buy clothes and shoes and

everything I want every week

You get what I give you

once a year

It's the least I can do

and too much for you

then you go to school

and learn all the rules

of the world around you

Add them to your inventory

You must believe in godd

It is the way we control you

inside your own mind

You will learn so much

about godd

that you will create your

own limitations

We like that you are limited

We like that we don't have

to make any more rules for you

You destroy your own soul

because that is what we were taught

about ourselves

Barry G. Wick

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