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Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Treaty

The Treaty

When childhood is over,
When the parents push you out,
Even for the world of work,
Or higher education,
A treaty is made with the world
That says you belong to you,
Unless you elect to stay
Close to the family.
Major decisions belong to you
As do mistakes and goofs
And all matter of wrongs
Against the others who live
In the town.
There are those who believe
You owe your government
Whatever the government says you owe.
If you get pregnant
The government's say you owe
The product of that pregnancy
For paying taxes
Service to society
As a soldier in war.
Only women no longer
Belong to themselves ever.
If a man wants to use
A woman's body 
the precedent has been set in stone.
Women can be forced to have babies.
Which means men can legally force
Women to have sex.
Never mind anti-rape laws,
Kidnapping laws,
Raped and pregnant
The man owns the woman's body.
It's his treaty with society.
The baby and all children from his woman
Belong to him.
This includes the girls he brings
Into the world.
Forget their mothers.
They have no freedom for anything.
So says thirty states
And the Supreme Court.
The men voted.
They own the law.
They own the women.
Even the women they convince
To be their slaves to their law
I thought we rid ourselves of slavery.
I thought people belonged to themselves.
I guess I don't and the women I've known 
Don't own themselves.
That is so, so wrong.

Barry G. Wick

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