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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Passing Out

Passing Out

I am dead now
But I still breathe
It's an addiction for which
There's no group
No weighty book
To give strength and tips
On how live with death
I chat with friends
Watch their stories
Stay connected 
From my dead world
To their lives
This isn't ghosthood
Though close
My grave still makes
The sound of dishes 
As they are raked
By the arm that rotates
With pressured water
There is a buzz 
of a finished wash
For my shroud
It won't load itself 
Into the dryer
In Egypt the dead lay
Out to dry
My coffin needs a vacuum
The dust on the furniture
Is the dirt on my grave
There are no tears yet
I'll hold my breath
For them to start
Would that fool you?
I feel light headed

Barry G. Wick

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