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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

First Base

First Base

The calling to an old 
Form of paranoia
Has me suspicious
Out of my day
And having conversations
In my mind
With people I hardly know
Who are you
I say to my imaginary nemesis
There is no answer
Because he doesn't know himsf
Inside my head
Which probably says
More about me than the person
Who occupies my imagination

So I travel.though all the possibilities
As related to my own history
With other paranoid people
Who studied me in another life
I had been lassoed by circumstances
I couldn't say no to
I grit my teeth realizing
The mess I'm in now

I can't say no to the new attacker
Who is likely just as lonely
Why would anybody
Want to meet me in this state
This magic of love will defeat itself
In a whirlwind of dust and smoke
From neurons rubbing themselves
That starts fires in the heart
Or wherever emotions
Lay at the bases of mind.and body

Barry G. Wick

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