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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Where Seldom Is Heard

Where Seldom is Heard

There are tears
Where only laughter
And smiles should live
People who believe
Love is love
Already know
Hate is hate

There is a search for answers
With deep sighs
And momentary shaking
Does this ever end
For everyone across the world

We are at war with every person
Of every belief
And every status
It is so easy to find something wrong
With the other we do not know

We live in our corners
Where we think safety's wall exists
It's not there
The dead are not there
With death on a classroom floor
At Sandy someplace
In a library at a high school
On a street in a protest parade
At a supermarket
In a tall building
In a nightclub

The names are not vocalized
At the next act of hate
Hundreds are forgotten
Except by those closest
To the grass and dirt

The moment of deepest anger
Or when we think we know
What is best for someone
Bulldozes another garden
For weather beaten stone
To wear away 
To disappear in ten thousand years
Only hate 
and maybe a little love
Is remembered

Barry G. Wick

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