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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Three Years

Three Years

Three years in my home
To hide from disease 
That has killed more than a million
In this nation
It is a plague to be so isolated

This house is kept noisy
With music and videos
From the internet
A great gift from someone
Whom I love more than myself
Yet at the start of breakfast
The simplest comment or tune
Will set off the only images I have
The past years of my life
The people I've known and seen
Situations that angered and thrilled
Though often paid me in guilt
Often sad and painful
Here I am I say
To push away the memory
That intrudes upon this space

For some of these moments
I am grateful yet push them aside
As eggs and toast fall 
Upon a simple.gray plate
Coffee sugar milk
Butter scraped on crumb

The day begins with plans
That change from day to day
This or that simple creation
That won't last to inspire emotion
In anyone I love
About these lonely years
Full of dreams that frighten
Or give me laughter
Here I am Lord
As I refer to the majesty
Of the universe that surrounds me
Small and alone
Untouched for many years
Though I am not sorrowed
It's gratitude to have finally found

Barry G. Wick

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