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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Parade of Kings

Parade of Kings

Out with the garbage
To the bin on the porch
Sit down in my walker
Slight cool on my skin
One then two gray squirrels 
Chase on the open street
In front of my home
A dozen or more tails
Round about a white car
Up on the tires or tailpipe
I think of the shooters
In Merry Ol' England
Entertaining by video
The viewers with death
Of these joyous creatures
Perhaps they damage
But where I wonder
The corn is not planted
No beans in small pods
So chase as they must
Play on my street
I am content to watch
More than I've ever seen
Tomorrow I'll take some
Nuts from my freezer
Try coaxing them up 
To where I sit in cool air
The years on my brow
Squirrels reign on my street

Barry G. Wick

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