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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Beneath This Minute

Beneath this Minute

Beneath this minute
Are the lies I tell myself
I think I’m okay
No better and no worse
Than others around me
The truth is that I’m both
I don’t read enough
But I read more than most
I’m fat and want to lose weight
But I find myself in a monthly binge
My home is fairly dirty
Justifying not cleaning with painful shoulders

These older years have taught me
None of this matters
I will lie to myself whether I think not to lie
Or whether I think I change to the truth
What is most important in my breakfast
And the tea I will make for myself
I look to the stove and see its on
Heating the water in the kettle
The outside of the kettle is a bit greasy
But the water soon to boil will be clean
I think about what I will eat
And the two choices might wind up
As eating both to my detriment
So I lean into my brain and scream
You don’t respect me Mr. Brain

I’ve now jumped onto the side of the worse
All of this before breakfast
Of either dry something
Or fried something
The third option is
Search the neighborhood
For a pet
To rip its throat
With my teeth
To enjoy my vampire tea

Barry G.Wick

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