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Monday, September 25, 2023



He stands in front of the studio camera
This space is designed to tire and hammer
Only money or email will save
Everyone from geegaws not needed
But are supposed to crave

This studied pitchman 
Is magically slick
In a comfortable suit 
He asks his audience to pick
Whatever he's selling 
He answers all questions
In a calm steady voice
He says they're only suggestions

The world will never rid the glowing screens of them
They'll glow and they'll grow each with their own special gem
I haven't a thing to sell just silly old words
The world is chock full of spewed
Alphabetic  turds

Hart Crane raged his alcoholic depression
Wondering if his writing was any good
I'm depressed but haven't had a drink
In many years
I don't care if my poems are good or great
I made my decisions for all of it
This life will throw me off the ship
Soon enough whether anyone
Bought my pitch or not
I've been bobbing in the sea a long time
There's plenty of time to drown

Barry G. Wick

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