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Monday, June 3, 2024

The Three-sided Coin

The Three-sided Coin

Deep in my pocket
Lays a gilded dream
Two distinct faces
That fill an invisible third
It's no secret that I lived
In three places at once
Three dreams

The love of words
Came late to me
After music after boys
I could not openly caress
Three sides are now evolved
Into the one that forms
This creation

It is my hope to leave
The simple thoughts I have
After my years upon
This miracle of life
In awe of the heavens
I decided not to explain
Unknown Godd

There were many times
I prayed to all the affections 
Created by others far above
The simplicity of my being
I imagined answers
Came to me which
Escaped me

Beyond this moment
Lies the deepest black
Unfiltered and unnoticed
As it slipped into that day
Spending this Coin
I am with it
Shopping eternity

Barry G. Wick

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