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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Waiting for It to Happen

Playing a game to numb my mind
while it searches the world
for the next juice on which to run
then I open my favorite
internet jazz station

The flash is too bright for my ears
I close my eyes to be certain
every note is heard
when there is no doubt
I am in the presence of the great

Oscar Peterson and Count Basie
Lester Leaps In

You will always know what is great
when you hear it
when you see it
yes, you'll be swayed to other things
that will momentarily thrill you

I am

It's human nature to follow trends
but the time will come
when the trend won't be worthy
and nothing but the best will do
It will happen in just about everything
Art music dance poetry architecture clothes
the hair will stand and skin with flash
Sometimes something is seen or heard
which create feelings
Electricity will shoot
through to the tips of fingers
the back of necks
down arms
there can even be a tightness in the gut
when its found
its found
and nothing else will satisfy
from then on
humanity will be honored

those poor aliens who visit
in their metal craft
simply won't understand
because they are afraid
to catch our diseases
oh, sure they may probe
but they can never find
what makes this change

It happens
There can be one
standing beside
that experience inside
who is just as alien
as we're sailin'
to the feeling that's appealing

Damn those humans

Barry G. Wick 2015

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