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Monday, June 1, 2015


This dream in some stinking goo
has pushed its creator
to make a finger move perceptibly
Next week it becomes a hand
followed by a very noticeable arm

These things attached to a whatever
really have no names
because there's no Darwin or Webster
on this level to identify what they are
and won't exist much beyond sunset

This gets something else to wondering
is it all too much to contemplate
since something else is grossly hungry
that this what thinks these parts
may be just as tasty as the last

Pretty soon a preference develops
beyond all imagination
into cravings for whatever grows
on this unnamed thing
damn its just completely delicious

And so we come to Kentucky
a complete bastardization of a word
that had its origins in the species
of some native word believed
to outline a particular place

Thus words have evolved
of this storied place
possibly full of Crocketts and Boones
but who cares now about these edibles
certainly not the people at church

Even the book they hold
has so many incarnations
that precise language is unstoppable
upheld while sitting at pew's edge
but by gODD they know

So take your beaks Mr. Darwin
plug them into any fruit or nut
you happen to be supporting today
So say Kentucky folks covered
in evolved bugs what eats them whole

Barry G. Wick

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