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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fashion Show Gossip in this Kitchen

Look at her beg for the moment
while she twirls around elegantly
Eyes follow this babe
from heel to hump
flat for the fryer and handle

Certainly salted
under pressure for an answer
though the entire performance
had wandered away
in the middle of this gaze

Why is this question posed
in regard to this ground rump
in pink armor
over the spell of a minute
when pleasantries bash loneliness

A hamburger on the stove
is worth more description
than raw memory
as it wisps away
as the phantom of hunger

Fans and camera clicks
in a cycle of burners
up and down to sear the flesh
of one or more cattle
that stomp beneath a spatula

This performance wins the day
from many others who
didn't have the chance
an aloof steer in a brown gown
prancing for the bulls

Here buns on the catwalk
cross a room in review
in and out of nostrils
also the subject of titters
beneath a dark pan covered

Barry G. Wick

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