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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

After Receiving A Robocall in Chinese

After Receiving A Robocall in Chinese

(Possible translation)

American imperialist dog
we call you today
to thank you for
answering our call
We know you don't speak
our Chinese dialect
which means
you don't understand
a word we are saying
We could say we want
your eyeballs
to make our
five spice powder
We could say
we're ready to put
MSG on your privates
We could use your doctors
in forced labor
to make shoes
We offer our prisoner's
kidneys lungs and hearts
to replace your failed organs
Our waiters will treat
you like dirt
while you eat noodles made
of sawdust and ground dogs
Trip over the curb
because you stupid Americans
walk with your cell phone
in hand
listening to this call
and watching porn
buy five Uighurs or Kazakhs
for the amazing low price
of just nine ninety-five plus tax
Shipping not included.
Have a nice day

Barry G. Wick

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