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Friday, August 28, 2020



This is me

Outside alone

Sitting on the knoll

Looking west

At the city below me

Through grass

And pine trees

I am like I will become

Separate and different

The sun in my face

Thinking of nothing

Being nothing

Being with no one

Because I was raised

By a lonely woman

Who shopped every day

For herself

Because shoes and clothes

Filled the hole inside of her

Once a year she'd shop for me

Or give me stupid clothes

At Christmas I'd wear once

Like her closets full of dresses

And shoes

She'd cook dinner while

I practiced piano

Yelling at me to play

It again

Or angry at me

Enough to slap

Or trot out for her image

So I created different worlds

Than the one I was in

With puppets or dreams

Because no friends lived

Next door

Our house was alone

Where my parents were alone

Where I was alone

At the end of our road

On the side of a hill

Behind lonely pines


Barry G. Wick

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