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Sunday, November 13, 2022



What I am now is what
Guys in my college dorm
Called someone seldom seen
A ghost prefers no company
A university phantasm
May actually want to graduate
And go into higher degrees
I wanted to party
Despite that I barely graduated
Now my party days are over

I learned to ghost
After years of care for my mother
Who was a ghost for years
Social with a few neighbors
Aging and defects stopped her

A pandemic halted any contact
No diseases gonna deghost me
Pork roast in the oven
Dishes in the countertop machine
Microwave oven beeps potatoes done
What I sew is nearly done
čhegnáke the Lakota word for loincloth
A train horns its way through Iowa
Electricity charges this thing
Jim Wright never had

Up from a nap my brain not refreshed
A simple name escaped me
It's almost as if it was never caught
Behind the neuronic bars
Some things are never prisoners
In that aged fat gael in my head
One day everything will break out
To wander this universe I call
The ultimate sheriff whose badge
Shines bright even to days beyond
Until it explodes or gets
The thumb and forefinger
Slowly twisting up the wooden match
To extinguish it's flame
Big damn flame

To the future
This was never written
If found lore will create my story
Full of professorial lies
Created by people who claimed
To know me even as a ghost
Those people are lying

What to remember
Is that simple failures
Became these faithless words
Tippy typed across a glowing screen
Barefoot words covered in sandals
Of letters strapped with aches
Cracked heals so dry
Capital letters deceive you
To render meaninglessness
A language full of sand
Swepted with brushes
By ghost students who seek
Degrees of redemption
Over here over here they scream
We found his skull and blunted finger
Wow he typed hard
Boo I will say as I look over their efforts
They aren't listening
They were out drinking the night before

I've learned to dance in my ghost life
Open the doors to the buffalo
I'm accepted because I'm a ghost
Who no longer colonizes
Or owns chunks of land
All ghosts are one
Even if those like me are suspect
A thief of words now
Soon silent dancers let me join
Bless them because I was always
Life is forgotten
Air is forgotten
Mother is forgotten
The beep of a microwave is forgotten
Dinner is done
Time for meds that make me disappear

Hells bells I'm a sinner
And not kosher
Nothing of this may survive
Spare change anyone
This ghost needs a cab
To another universe
Even godd agrees

Barry G. Wick

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