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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Ungrateful Little Shit: A Prayer

Ungrateful Little Shit: A Prayer

Oh mighty universe to whom I pray
Upon my birth I had not learned
There would be no memory of me
Since discovery that I've always
Been ungrateful until recently
Not all to whom I should be grateful
Will know how much I regret
The ingratitude that greeted them
Upon first contact with me

So to my children and their mother
I apologize for my gigantic shithood
More could be written to assuage
The guilt I've felt for years
Yet this will have to suffice
I am grateful that we've met
And your gifts to me are beyond
My ability to repay your kindness to me
And the suffering you have endured

My parents were generous and true
To the point I'm uncertain I never thanked
There was food clothing shelter 
Presents travel memories education
Hopes dreams thoughtfulness
And all the trappings I'm certain
I never fully gave to my own children
That which they should hold a grievance
For their father their entire better lives

For my lifetime friends I can never say
How grateful I am for their holding me
When they all knew how weak and useless
I always was from before grade school
To the years I finally retired to be myself
I'm not certain why I became this ungrateful
But now that I've realized the depths
Of my failures to support your lives it's all
I can do to give thanks to your fulfilled selves

And finally to myself I expressed gratitude
For waking up from a wasted life to do
The proper thing by being far away from all
To no longer submit this weak being
To all the glories and amazing people
Who are so much better than I am
Though now I have risen one tiny notch
From the bottom where I failed to share
Thank you one and all for this awakening

Barry G. Wick

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