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Monday, February 6, 2023

The Poet"s Garbage Can

The Poet's Garbage Can

A famous picture of W.H.Auden
Visualizes him with a garbage can.
The lid held in his left hand.
He wears a neat suit.
The can has a metallic shine.

What does he put in that can?
Or does he represent every poet
Who throws out the garbage
Of the creative mind.
This garbage might represent
A great loss to the readers
Of poetry, words and thoughts
That might benefit another person
Teetering on the edge of loneliness
Or sanity in an hour of strife.
We'll never know the thoughts
Of Crane, Plath, or Rochester,
A poet I knew as a young man
Who impressed so many.
Now he is unknown,
except to his remaining family,
And friends who made mistakes
With their friendship.

Perhaps the garbage can represents
The loss of all poets to history,
All their poems trashed by unknown
Companions or humanity in general.
We will never know because
This poem will go the way
Of all poems eventually,
Of all poets eventually,
Of all strings of words
In search of meaning,
In search of another human
To feel what Wilfred Owen felt
Searching on those stairs
That lead him to the garbage can
Of world wsr
That was France and death
In November of 1918.
What poems had a bullet hole
In his tunic? covered in blood.

My mentor told me to never
Use the word blood in a poem,
But what are poems but blood
Coursing from the mind
Through the voice
Across the distance
As vibration heard or unheard,
Ultimately ignored in
The garbage can of time.

Barry G. Wick

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