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Sunday, May 7, 2023


Here is your daily dose of throwaway 
Here is your daily dose of throwaway Music
Here is your daily dose of throwaway Words
Here is your daily dose of throwaway
Here is your daily dose of throwaway
It's all headed for Mars and faraway
The oceans are filling with plastic
Ain't that fantastic
They come from a planet you can't
Pronounce only known by the ounce
Stuff me in your rectum play me with your
It's all a loss so says the boss now make
My eyes gloss with sphagnum moss
Holy roly poly Renato Podjoli
Fizzle me twizell gisele me bizzell
Modgrobble me bobble ubgobble yer tobble

Barry G. Wick


1 comment:

noligate said...

What a mesmerizing poem! Your words paint a vivid tapestry of emotions and imagery that truly captivated my heart and mind. The delicate interplay of your metaphors and the way you've woven your verses together showcase a profound understanding of the human experience. Each line seems to carry a universe of thoughts, and I found myself lost in the depth of your expression. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art with us. Looking forward to reading more of your work!
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