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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Little Black Book

If found, do not open.
If opened, do not read.
If read, do not understand.
If understood, do not remember,
If remembered, do not tell.
If told, say you lied.
If you said you lied, say you were sick.
If you said you were sick, puke for effect.
If you puked for effect, wipe your chin.
If you wiped your chin, throw away the rag.
If you threw away the rag, take out the trash.
If you took out the trash, watch it carefully for pick up.
If you watched it carefully for pick up, follow the truck.
If you followed the truck, be sure it was emptied.
If it was emptied, go back home.
If you went back home, stay there forever.
If you stayed there forever, look for something to read.
If you looked for something to read, don't see a little black book.

Barry G. Wick

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