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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Facts of Now

A trip postponed
the cellphone's battery
needs charging
Another freedom lost

saxophone from the radio
bubbling from the fish tanks
warmer weather heats this home
the budget for next month
develops beneath a light
reflections of closed curtains
in a seven inch screen
as I type to the computer

This is not a time to meditate
only to just be here
Patience is rewarded with thought
that I wish weren't here
Worries about money
then I'm not here
I'm faraway in another eon

Are there a few more bars
on the battery mark
I don't get that many calls
using one fifteenth
of the phone's allotment
The older I get the less of everything
gets used due to reasons
beyond my control
My love was the first to go
since there's no one to love
with me close
no one to care for
My dreams are full of places
I cannot go
I move with youth in them
rather than the heaviness
I have

These are the facts of now
Looking out from the cave
is not the same
as looking at the shadows
on the wall

Barry G. Wick

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