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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Creation of a Messiah

Creation of a Messiah

His Father is concerned
For his future as messiah
The heavy feet crush the sand 
Of the desert to fine dust
Since a desert is a good messianic
Place to begin as a future godd
He is arrested for wearing
Steel sandals on bulging feet
The arresting officer  keeps
His own feet and toes
Out of the way fearing
What he may do if angered
Not understanding his ability
To heal which will be a quality
Yet to be added to this first draft
A judge just asks him
To take off  this heavy footgear
Donkeys run away wildeyed
Crowds of people having heard
Of his prospective powers are shocked
When in his presence
Seeing the rope around his robe
Stretched tight to restrain his bulk
His Father is convinced he may become
An example for fat priests
Giving sermons in over-designed edifices
He rises through the clouds
Suspended by a tall crane
It's his way of getting to heaven
Without any miracle crap
That has become so boring

Barry G. Wick

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